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Our Workshop Offering

We know only too well the difficulties of selling fabric by just relying on customers to walk through the door. Sadly in today’s climate our customers have less reason to buy fabric as their stash is large and a lack of new modern ideas has led to a degree of apathy never seen before.

We offer a unique service that will allow you to run new modern workshops. You can attract new customers, keep existing customers satisfied with new and varied projects and sell the fabrics and other materials required to complete the workshop. You will get:

  • Pattern
  • Licence to run the workshop (optional)
  • Requirements list
  • Tutorial for running the workshop (optional)
  • Hire of finished item to promote the workshop (optional)

Leaking Cauldron is a British wholesale craft pattern company specializing in textile based patterns for the patchwork and quilting trade.

Leaking Cauldron is the sister company of Quilt Studio, a Patchwork and Quilt shop and internet business that as been successfully trading for seven years. All of our workshops have been run successfully and are therefore tried and tested. This is the reason for the success of Leaking Cauldrons patterns.

Customers need something new!

How many times have you heard your customer’s say “the last thing I need is any more fabric”? Of course they’re right, but the fact remains we still need to sell the fabrics we have on our shelves and have just purchased on 30 days (and how very quickly that 30 days comes round).

No workshops no customers!

Our customer’s enthusiasm for fabric has not diminished only the justification to buy.

Our principle is that all the items are made from a stash and we only add the odd bit of fabric e.g. back grounds etc. How does this help you? It’s the size of the customer’s stash that is preventing them from buying fabric. No new projects, no need to buy fabric, no reason to come to the shop. So reduce the stash with a quick and easy project and provide an incredibly rewarding experience, encouraging them to make another one and hey presto they need new fabrics, thread, blades etc. Most importantly of all, they are in your shop!

Leaking Cauldron Patterns

All Leaking Cauldron patterns are our own designs.

Leaking Cauldron patterns have simple to follow instructions, are quick modern projects and are designed to use up customers stashes. They are the perfect pattern to sell in a shop and of course they suit British tastes and the items pictured on the front of the patterns are all made from fabrics sold in the UK.

Leaking Cauldron wholesale patterns are £2.50 each. They are all one price regardless to them being used for a workshop or on general sale. The recommended retail price (RRP) is £5.50 (this is the price we charge for Leaking Cauldron patterns on sale at Quilt Studio).

Leaking Cauldron Workshops

To use Leaking Cauldron patterns as a workshop you need a licence. Please refer to the licence application enclosed. We have also enclosed a list, pictures of patterns available and a description of each item.

All our products work as patterns or workshops and they have all been tried and tested.

After designing them we run them as workshops at Quilt Studio, this is where any problems are put right and only after they are run successfully as workshops do we launch them as a pattern. Once they are a pattern Quilt Studio no longer use them as workshops.

Tutorial Courses

These courses are run by us at the address on the licence application (on Sundays) for you at a cost of £30.00 per person (materials not included). Booking is essential. If you are going to run several of our patterns as workshops we will be able to run through the general techniques of all of the workshops on the one day. These tutorial courses are an invaluable insight to how the workshops are run. We recommend that you have a finished workshop item on display as this will assist you in selling the workshop and patterns.

Hire and Deposit of items for display

Your time is valuable and you have a business to run. So to promote the patterns and workshops you may want to display the finished item, but not have the time to actually make each one up from the pattern. We can help. The cost of the hire is £10.00 per item for a two month period (plus a deposit to cover the cost of replacing the item if damaged or unreturned). The deposit will be returned to you when you return the undamaged item to us (by first class recorded delivery or by hand to the address on this letter) no more than one week after the end date of the hire (late return of an item might incur an extra cost of £5.00 per item per week). Please note it is essential to book the items you require in advance to ensure availability.


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